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The Nightingale Trio's first full-length album. Recorded August 2013 at the Mesquite Arts Center in Mesquite, TX; recorded and mixed by Ron Meyer.


released September 24, 2013


all rights reserved



The Nightingale Trio

The Nightingale Trio is village harmonies, birdsong lullabies, and moonlit round dances. They reignite the flame of women's folk music from Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

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Track Name: Izraslo Dûrvo Visoko
A tree grew tall - its tops reached into the blue sky, its branches reached toward the earth below. In the big white monastery, Saint Mary holds the Lord Christ in her arms. She rocks him and entreats him: "grow, grow, my child, grow up, so that you may reign over earth and heaven - the earth belongs to your father, heaven belongs to your grandfather."
Track Name: Kriste Aghsdga
An Easter hymn: Christ is risen from the grave, ending death with death. Now we should not fear the grave. He is the giver of life.
Track Name: Prochula Se Moma Nedelya
The maiden Nedelya was known for being the fairest of the fair, the gaudiest of the gaudy. From far away a man comes to marry her. He brings with him an impressively large wedding party. The wedding party enters a thick forest, and in the middle of the forest, there is a wide meadow. In the meadow is a handsome stag. The entire party goes over to see the stag, leaving the young couple alone. Luckily, a wind blows the bride’s veil away from her face, allowing the bride and groom to kiss.
Track Name: Bezrodna Nevesta - free track
This is the first "leak" from our album! Download it free now, and look for Letya--all 14 tracks--on September 24.

A cuckoo cries over the village; its call is the cry of a barren bride. The old woman Kolu has nine daughters-in-law, and all of them have children—except for Radolinka. It is Easter time, and Kolu urges everyone to go outside—except for Radolinka. She must stay home and take care of her husband.
Track Name: Prekhvrukna Ptichka
A bird flies over the courtyard, over the white rose, lightly fluttering, quietly calling: “I have come, young bride, to bring you great joy. The fields are flat and full of grain; the black-headed ewes have all given birth to twins; the bees have formed new hives; and all the children are happy and healthy.”
Track Name: Subrali Sa Se Subrali
Three young women gathered to spin for a while. Soon, they grew tired and laid down to nap. The first girl woke up and said, “Get up, friends—we are each missing something! I am missing the necklace from my fair throat.” The second girl said, “I am missing the belt from my slender waist.” The third girl said, “I am missing the overdress from my slender body!”
Track Name: Szombateste Bucsuztato
A song for ending the Sabbath. The Lord’s strength will be my salvation. In terrible distress, I will cry out. God is with me; I have no fear.
Track Name: Izgreyala E Mesechinka
The moon shone, illuminating a little path, so little Irina could walk through the garden collecting a bouquet. Oh sweet girl; blushing, peachy, pampered one; sweet as honey, sweet as sugar.
Track Name: Trenke, Todorke
Trenka, Todorka, there you sit in the tavern, selling wine and brandy—are you not selling those black-cherry eyes of yours? Would you sell them to me?
Track Name: Ja Urani Jutros Rano - free track
The second free download from our album "Letya." Look for Letya--all 14 tracks--on September 24.

I rise early in the morning; early, before dawn. I go walking, and in the hills I meet a girl. I call to her, “Good morning, lovely girl.” She replies, sadly and sorrowfully: “Let me go, young man. I am miserable. I have a sweetheart far away, in a foreign land.”

Thanks to Nikica Strizak for translation.
Track Name: Szerelem, Szerelem
Love, love: wretched anguish! Why don’t you bloom in the tops of the very trees? Girls and boys would pluck you like leaves of the walnut tree. I picked one such leaf once, and had to let it go.
Track Name: Oi Chorna
I have turned dark, ever since I fell in love with dark Ivan. He is tall and handsome and wears an embroidered shirt. He says, “I love you, Marusya! I love your beauty. I love to watch you go fetch water!” As for me, I cried and cried at the train station when I said goodbye to Ivan. There on the hill, there are two trees: both green. Ivan and I are also alike: both dark.
Track Name: Aylye, Lyulye, Lyulye
Sleep, sleep, my pride and joy. Close your pretty eyes. Wake up again with healthy limbs, my lovely sweet child. Wake up quickly and quickly.
Track Name: Shto Mi E Milo
How happy I am to live in the town of Struga, where I have a little shop, and where I watch the women with their many-colored pitchers walk down to the well, laughing and talking with their friends.

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