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Gabriel The voices weave pretty Bulgarian folk skirts and scarves in a wild woodland cathedral: you can hear the animals and birds calling to each other, soft falling leaves and paw prints in the snow. Favorite track: Na Dvore Dozhd'.
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The Nightingale Trio's second full-length release.


released September 9, 2016

Recorded at The Little Dipper, Amery WI
Edited, Mixed, & Mastered by Jim May at the Tree House, St. Paul MN
Produced by The Nightingale Trio


all rights reserved



The Nightingale Trio

The Nightingale Trio is village harmonies, birdsong lullabies, and moonlit round dances. They reignite the flame of women's folk music from Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

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Track Name: Na Dvore Dozhd'
It’s raining in the yard, raining heavily – Oy, not a drizzle, not a sprinkle! It’s pouring buckets, it’s coming down in sheets, and the brother with the sister walk around the new porch. He pets her on the head saying, “Grow up my sister, my dear. You’ll become a grownup soon, and when you do I’ll get you married. I’ll get you married to a distant village, to a family of strangers—strangers who fight all the time. With axes! … Oy.
Track Name: Kaval Sviri
Кавал свири, мамо,
горе доле, мамо, горе доле, мамо.
Кавал свири мамо,
горе доле, мамо, под селото.

Я ще ида, мамо, да го видя,
да го видя, мамо, да го чуя.

Ако ми е нашенчето
ще го любя ден до пладне,
Ако ми е ябанджийче
ще го любя дор до живот.

Kaval sviri, mamo,
gore, dole, mamo, gore, dole, mamo.
Kaval sviri, mamo,
gore dole, mamo, pod seloto.

Ja shte ida mamo da go vidja,
da go vidya mamo, da go chuja.

Ako mi e nashencheto
shte go lubja den do pladne,
ako mi e jabandzhijche,
shte go lubja dor do zhivot.

English Translation:
The kaval is playing, mother,
up, down, mother, up, down, mother.
The kaval is playing mother,
up, down, mother, below the village.

I will go, mother, to see it,
to see it, mother, to hear it.

If it's a guy from our village
I'll love him from dawn till dusk,
If it's a stranger
I'll love him all my life.
Track Name: Iz Dolu Ide
From the valley goes a bride – fair and rosy, slender and tall. As she goes her feet don’t touch the ground; her head doesn’t turn when she looks at me. When she looks, it is with dark eyes like cherries, with slender eyebrows like lace. Oh mother, old mother, why have you kept me from her? It’s been three whole weeks!
Track Name: Oj Khodyt' Son
The Dream passes by the window and meets Sleep by the fence. The Dream asks Sleep: "Where should we rest tonight?" “Where the house is warm, where the child is small: There we will go, and rock the child to sleep. We’ll put the cat to purr, and the child to nap.” Our house is warm; our child is small – Come to us, come to this cradle.
Track Name: Minka E Rano Stanala
Минкайе, мило на майка
Минка е рано рано станала дворе помела.
Минке минке, бело момиче, защо си минке рано станала?
Рано станала вода донелa

Minkaye, milo na majka
Minka e rano rano stanala dvore pomela
Minke minke, belo momiche, zashto si minke rano stanala?
Rano stanala voda donela

English Translation:
Minka is dear to her mother.
Minka rises early; she rises early and sweeps the yard.
Oh Minka, fair girl, why do you rise so early?
She rises early and fetches water.
Track Name: Kalina Moma
Kalina Moma - Калина мома

The girls ask Kalina to come out with them to pick grapes. The girls are crying for you, they say; and the boys are crying over you! Kalina tells her friends, “You girls go; don’t wait for me. I’m bearing a great lament: my beloved is engaged to someone else. Someone from the upper neighborhood.” The girls go, and Kalina prays, “Dear God, where can I go to lose myself?” In the end, an old woman weeps for a girl – a widow with three children.
Track Name: Vo Naše Selo
Vo naše selo malovo ima dejče pristalo.
Aman aman aman aman na dobre
Ima dejče pristalo.

Mori dejče pristalo da li bi me sakalo.
Aman aman aman aman na dobre
Da li bi me sakalo.

Ja bi' tebe sakalo kad bi' kuća imalo
aman, aman, aman, dado bre,
kad bi' kuća imalo.

Во наше село малово Има дејче пристало.
Аман аман аман аман на добре
Има дејче пристало.

Мори дејче пристало Да ли би ме сакало.
Аман аман аман аман на добре
Да ли би ме сакало.

Ја би' тебе сакало кад би' кућа имало
аман, аман, аман, дадо бре,
кад би' кућа имало.

English Translation:
In our small village there is a ready girl.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
There is a ready girl.

"Hey ready girl, would you love me?
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
would you love me?"

"I would love you, if only I had a house
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
If only I had a house."
Track Name: Vdova
ішла вдова
ішла вдова же
я вдова долиною
з малим сином
о да жду ти ной

сила вдвоа
силя же вдова же
я вдова спочивати
з малим сином
о да роз молят

о сінуж ми
о сінуж мие
а сину малесеньки
деж твіє батько
о да рід не sенк

Ishla vdova
Ishla vdova zhe
Ya vdova dolynoyu
Z malym synom
Oy da zdy ty noj.

Sila vdova
Si lazhe vdovazhe
Ya vdova spochyvaty
Z malym' synom
Oy daj roz' molyat.

Oy sinuzh mi
Oy sinuzh miye
A synu malesenky
Dezh tvie batko?
Oy da rid ne senk.

English Translation:
A widow went
A widow went, aye,
A widow in the valley
With her small son

Strong widow
Aye, strong widow:
The widow rested
With her young son
And stopped to feed him

Oh my son,
Oh my son,
My tiny son,
Where is your father?
And what of our family?
Track Name: Sviati Bozhe
Светий Боже, Светий Крепки, Светий Безсмъртни,
помилуй нас!

Святый Боже, Святый Крепкий, Святый Безсмертный,
помилуй нас!

Church Slavonic:
Свѧты́й Бо́же, Свѧты́й Крѣ́пкый, Свѧты́й Безсме́ртный,
поми́луй на́съ!

Svetij Bože, Svetij Krepki, Svetij Bezsmărtni,
Pomiluj nas!

English Translation:
Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal – Have mercy on us.
Track Name: Gulyi, Dunyushka
гуляй дунюшка
пакoль волюшка

ой да она
да паколь эта волюшка
ой а неспакрытая галава

неспакрытая галава
спакрають дай галовушку мы
ой да минуетса дай вся вальня

минуетса дай вся вальня
вся вальня дай минуетса вся
ой вся девичья красота

Gulyai, gulyai, Dunyushka
Pakol’ volyushka

Oy da ona
Da pakol’ eta vol- olyushka ne
Oy (da) nespakrytaya galava

Nespakryta galava oh
Spakrayut’ dai galo- ovusku mi
Oy (da) minuyetsa dai vsya val’nya

Minuyetsa da vsya val’nya oh
Vsya val’nya dai minu- uyetsa vsya
Oy vsya devich’ya krasata

English Translation:
Walk freely, Dunya
While freedom is yours and your head is uncovered.
Once they cover it, your freedom will be over
And your maidenly beauty with it.
Track Name: Tsmindao Ghmerto
წმიდაო ღმერთო,
წმიდაო ძლიერო,
წმიდაო უკუდავო,
შეგვიწყალენ ჩვენ

Tsmindao Ghmerto
Tsmindao Zliero
Tsmindao Ukvdao
Shegvitskalen chven.

Holy God,
Holy Mighty,
Holy Immortal,
Have mercy on us.
Track Name: Sub o Salcie Pletoasă
Sub o salcie pletoasă
Maica Sfântă se ruga
Şi cu vocea-ndurerată
Către salcie grăia:

Daca imi cunosti durerea
Şi vroiesti sa mi-o alini
Da-mi din ramurile tale
O cununa fara spini.

Fiul meu e sus pe cruce
Insangerat si-n mare chin
Si cu ea la el m-oi duce
Durerea sa i-o alin.

Atunci, salcia inalta,
Crengile şi-a aplecat,
Maica a facut cununa
Si-a plecat la Golgota.

Dar iudeii nu o lasara
C-o cununa fara spini
Caci vroiau ca el sa moara
Insangerat si-n mare chïn.

English translation:
Under a weeping willow the holy mother prayed, and in a soft voice to the willow she spoke: “If you could know my pain, and had heart to soothe me, you would give me your branches.” Then the high willow bowed its head and dropped its branches, and the mother gathered them and wove a crown with no thorns.
Track Name: Tsangala
Fellow Yale Slavic Chorus member Hana learned this song in London, and we have had a blast singing it ever since. It’s a humorous dance song from Kartli-Kakheti region of Eastern Georgia where the singers egg on and encourage dancers—Tsangala is a man’s name, and the song should always be accompanied by a comedic dance. We’ve been told that often this kind of song would include improvised teasing text.

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